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Anime to Not Forget

Anime to not forget From our Kuro iken, This is for two groups of people, the existing berserk fans and the horror peeps. To...

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Pick of the week; Youjo senki

Tanya the Evil Well, this goes to all normandies in the house, get ready for battle, gear up and wear your uniforms, report to...


Pick of the week: Toradora

Hey guys, here is something for lovers, valentine people; so sorry its late, but i know you can still make do with it. I...

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Cool Anime fight Scenes: Naruto

Cool Anime fight Scenes From Naruto(Original series) Cool anime fight scenes from Naruto. I have for you cool today cool fight scenes from naruto,...


Pick Of The Week

Mushibugyo   Did you watch that 1997¬†alien movie about bugs? With soldiers on a silly planet and bugs attacking from everywhere and then we...

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Top 5 Sport Anime!!!

The world today is filled a number of Anime Genres. Sports has evolved with time and has found its way into the world of...

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